GreenBot is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands to keep you busy

You can get support by joining our Discord server and you can invite GreenBot to your server by clicking the invite link above or the GreenBot logo at the bottom of the page

g!botinfo Displays information about the bot
g!bots Display how many bots are in the server
g!cb [email] Checks if your email address has been compromised against known breaches - example g!cb
g!cheeve [text] Display a minecraft achievement - example g!cheeve Hello
g!cow Display a ransom ASCII cow
g!mcs [playername] This shows the skin of a player
g!dice Roll the dice
g!help View the command list
g!members Display how many human members the server has
g!memberstats Display information about the members/bots
g!lb Stop Being A Little Bitch
g!penguin Display images of Penguins
g!penguinvideo Display a video of penguins
cookies typing cookies in the chat will show a funny pic
g!ping Checks the bots connection to Discord
g!pokemon [name] Display selected pokemon - example g!pokemon pikachu
g!color Displays a random color
g!rps Play rock paper scissors
g!shoot @user Shoots the mentioned user
g!smile Unleash the devil inside you
g!emoji Displays all the custom emoji on the server
g!uptime Tells you how long I have been online since the last reboot
g!urban [word] Search the urban dictionary - example g!urban green
g!emergency [text] Create an emergency alert iPhone style - example g!emergency there is no pizza
g!cowsay [text] Make the cow say stuff
g!slots Do you think you have what it takes to win?
g!googleit Displays a funny gif
g!youtube [searchterm] Search youtube - example g!youtube minecraft
g!gay @user GreenBot will predict how gay the mentioned user is, if you don't tag anyone it will predict how gay you are
g!birthday @user Wish the tagged user a happy birthday
g!perms Display what permissions you have in the current channel
g!mss [server] Shows the status of the requested MC server
g!rip [message] this command lets you say rip in a cool way
g!afk [WhyYouAFK] this will put you as afk you the discord server by adding [afk] to your name [Note GreenBot Can't set you to afk if you're rank is higher then GreenBots rank]
g!bk this will take the [afk] out of your name letting us know your back
g!pingu Noot Noot
g!noots this will show a funny pic of pingu
g!re show a random emoji from a server greenbot is in
g!de This will show a random emoji from
g!minecraft Greenbot will show a random minecraft pic
g!boop will show a penguin Booping
g!twitter this will give a link to our twitter
g!vote Vote For Elara And MarksBot

g!addemoji [URL] [NAME] Adds a new emoji to the server via a URL
g!clip [number] Mass delete messages
g!lockdown [duration] Locks down the channel for a specific duration - example g!lockdown 10m
g!softban @user Softban will ban and immediatly unban a user whilst deleting any message they wrote in the past 7 days

GreensaPenguin's COMMANDS USAGE & INFO
g!botlink Display the botlink
g!restart Restart GreenBot
g!tweet [text] Send out a tweet
g!playing [text] Set the playing message
g!setavatar Sets the bots avatar
g!whereareyou Display what guilds GreenBot is in
g!sleep [duration] Put the bot to sleep for a set duration - example g!sleep 5m