GreenBot Privacy Policy

GreenBot only stores data within the memory/ram and whenever the bot is started the bot no longer has the old information.

Data that gets stored in memory

Guilds (the guild's information, such as: name, id, icon, owner, splash)

Channels (the channel's information, such as: name, id, type, guild)

Emojis (the emoji's information, such as: name, id, url, guild)

Users (the user's information, such as: username, id, avatar, public_flags)

Messages (the message information, such as: content, attachments, embeds [Note: this gets deleted every 10m to avoid caching a lot of messages])

The bot has no database at the moment, if we ever decide to add one this will be updated with the correct information. If you have any questions, reach out to Green, Mark or SUPERCHIEFYT and we'll try to respond in a timely manner.

Last Updated : August 06 2020 21:42:38.